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& Group Shows


2020 Brendan Murphy, Timing Is Everything, Palm Beach Gardens 


2019 Brendan Murphy, New Work, Palm Beach Gardens 


2018 Jose Bedia Exhibition, West Palm Beach


2017 : Group Show: DFace, Akuda, Kobra, Hula, Sipros, Hoxxo, Griffin Loop, Cyrcle, Jennifer, WrdSmth, Chapparo, Everything Is Always Connected

2016: The Hula (Sean Yoro) Solo Show


2016: Bruce Helander Solo Show[11]

2015: 1 Hotels South Beach Rooftop Mural

Installation by Zeus and works by Jeremy Penn and Registered Artist, Art Basel Miami Beach[10]

2015: Group Show for CANVAS Outdoor Museum Show Artists

2015: Cuban and Contemporary Art Group Show

2014: Contemporary Art Group Show

2013: Jacob Felländer Solo show

2013: Solo show for Max Zorn

2012: PGA Tour Wives Show Romero Britto[9]

2012: Contemporary Art Group Show

2011: Cuban and Contemporary painters

2011: PGA Tour Wives Show

2010: Nina Surel[8] and Edouard Duval Carrie

2010: Group Show Contemporary and Modern Paintings

2010: PGA Tour Wives Show

2009: Group Show Contemporary and Latin American

2009: PGA Tour Wives Show

2009: Group Show Nina Surel and Carlos Jorge

2008: Contemporary Cuban Artists

2008: Latin American Masters

2007: Exhibited in Art Miami

2007: Group show, Nantucket, MA important American Painters

2006: Nina Surel, Edouard Duval Carrie, Ismael Gomez-Peralta Group Show

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